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Please use this form if you wish to contact Touch of Serenity about massage services.  Responses will not be provided for any form of solicitation.

Please note that Touch of Serenity does NOT offer colonics or colon hydrotherapy.




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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Ruth My HEalth spending account has requested a receipt from 2/6/19 and I can not locate it.
    Is there anyway you have a copy ? If so could you forward to me

  2. Hi Ruth,
    I think I may have an unused session remaining with you- if I do, I’d like to try to schedule an appointment. Would you mind responding to let me know and what ur availability looks like for a session as soon as possible?

    Kelly Hobbs

  3. Ruth,
    Very happy to see that Linda scheduled a massage on Aug 26 at 1:45pm. She needs to see you ASAP and I agreed to swap my Aug 21 session at 1:15pm for her session. So Linda will be in on 8/21 at 1:15pm for a 1-hr session and I’ll be in the following Monday, 8/26 at 1:45pm for a 1-hour session. Hope this works for you; please contact me if there are any issues with this change.
    Best regards,

  4. Kelly, I apologize for not following up with you sooner, but I am just now seeing this message from you via my website. For some reason it was placed in spam.

    Yes, you do have one session left on your package and you are free to book it anytime. As of right now, my first availability is in mid-December. I no longer have my High Point office so you would need to come to my office in Greensboro (1901 B Ashwood Court, 27455).

    In wellness and with gratitude,

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