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3/24/18:  Two new studies on the positive effects of massage:
Massage Reduces Cancer-Related Fatigue
(published in Body Sense Magazine Spring 2018)
A recent study published in the medical journal Cancer found that Swedish massage therapy, delivered over the course of six weeks to breast cancer patients, provided a significant reduction in their cancer-related fatigue (CRF). CRF is a persistent, exhausting condition affecting approximately one-third of cancer survivors. The study, conducted by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, enrolled 66 female stage 0–III post-treatment breast cancer survivors who had received surgery and radiation and/or chemotherapy/chemo-prevention. The participants, who were unfamiliar with massage therapy, were given a weekly 45-minute Swedish massage by licensed massage therapists over the course of six weeks. The recipients reported they experienced “clinically meaningful” improvement in their CRF as a result of the massage therapy. While still in early-trial phase, this research has significant implications for cancer patients going forward. For more information, read the full study at

Massage Alleviates Muscle Soreness After Exercise
(published in Body Sense Magazine Winter 2017)
A recent report published in Frontiers in Physiology found that massage therapy decreases muscle soreness after strenuous exercise. In a systematic review and metaanalysis, researchers evaluated the effects of massage therapy on alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and muscle performance after strenuous exercise.
Researchers found that muscle soreness decreased significantly for  participants who received massage intervention after heavy exercise compared with those who had no intervention. Massage therapy also improved muscle maximal isometric force and peak torque.
The findings suggest that massage therapy after strenuous exercise could be effective for alleviating DOMS and improving muscle performance. To read the full study, go to www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC5623674.




3/1/18: Are you a folded cashew or a table?

To hip hinge:
1. Place your feet about 12 inches apart.

2. Keep your back straight.

3. As you bend your knees, allow your pubic bone to move backward.

4. Fold over by allowing your pubic bone to slide through your legs, down and back.

Source: Courtesy of JennSherer/Spinefulness
For the full article and audio link, please click here.








2/7/18:  Valentine’s Day is just one week away and only 4 openings remain.  Don’t miss out!  Make sure to book your Touch of Serenity Valentine’s couples massage today!



1/14/18:  Valentine’s Day is just one month away.  Make sure to book your Touch of Serenity Valentine’s couples massage today!



1/3/18:  Happiest and Healthiest of New Years to all.  If you’re looking to start your new year off on a healthy note — take the 30 day Plank Challenge!  I will also post on Facebook. I completed it on December 26th and I do feel stronger my core!  It was the perfect antidote to the holidays and helped spur on more healthy eating choices (ok, I indulged a little, but not as much as in previous years).  I highly recommend it and encourage you to use an accountability partner to help you stick with it!






























































































1/1/18: Effective today, there are some slight price increases to some of the longer sessions, some services, and a few of the packages.  Please note them when booking.  If you are currently in an existing package, no additional fee will be charged until you purchase another package.  This is the first price increase since my business started over 6 years ago.






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